Gaia is the oldest god who has power within the nations borders, harkening back to a time before Ashenmark when the lands were claimed for Elemirre. Across the woodlands you can find small shrines to the goddess. These shrines are built around an individual tree and are recognizable by the rare vine that grows up the tree. This vine produces a set number of leaves which have powerful medicinal properties. These vines cannot grow the leaves back and once all the leaves are plucked from the vine, the vine and tree with both wither away.

Recently Lady Twenaria lead the heroes of the Realms in a ritual to restore an ancient temple to Gaia. For their efforts Gaia blessed the forests in Ashenmark, keeping a Bedlam incursion at bay.

Autumn Rose

Autumn Rose is the first god that was brought to power when Ashenmark took control of its current lands. When the city was contructed Highlord Temorse had a garden planted which quickly flourished under the goddesses blessing. The white roses that grow in the garden eminate with the goddesses power. As long as they are rooted in this sacred ground, anything that is dead within the garden will slowly return to life, simply by the proximity to blessed roses.

Towards the end of the Bedlam Wars Autumn Rose sacrificed her godhood in order to help restore Temorse to his normal self. Her act of selflessness got her the attention to Gaia, who re-elevated her to immortality as a demi-god at her side.


Garm was the second god to take power in Ashenmark. When Killian Battlefate, Stripes Lightstride, and Raynor Skyline were taken as squires to the Knights of Garm a temple was contructed at the crossroads of Harts Hollow. The Ashenmark squires severed as liaisons when the heroes of the Realms attempted to restore the power of the Gods after the Bedlam Wars, however the heroes were deceived and Asmoedeous pinned Garm to his Throne with the Sword of Kings.