Ashenmark is home to many different types of creatures, however very few venture out of the forest. There talk of an research bestiary being constructed in the settlement of Turnstone just on the inside of the forest.


Ashenmark basilisks are large scaley green creaters with large eyes and sharp teeth. They have large claws that can grow up to three and a half feet long. They travel in small groups, often times nesting near Sallowmoss. Basilisks will attempt to petrify their prey, turning them to stone and making them capable for the basilisk to eat. Basilisks skin is incredibly tough, impenetrable by weapons, to kill one you must land a blow in their soft underbelly.


Trolls in Ashenmark as much the same as many found across the realm. They have resilient skin that takes multiple blows to penetrate, however axes, maces, hammers, and weapons that are magic in nature are especially effective against these foes. Their brute strength allows they to lift and throw heavy objects as devastating weapons and their blood contains natural regeneration properties. As with many trolls across the realms these creatures are semi-intelligent and often times lived in small villages or hovels with goblins in the forest and are a constant threat to nearby towns as they frequently attempt raids.


The goblins of Ashenmark differ little from those found across the realms. Many goblins practice traditional shamanistic magic, making them assets to the trolls they live with, allowing them a place of safety among their communities. Many troll villages will have a prominent goblin shaman in a position of spiritual leadership.

Carnivorous Plants

When heroes of the realms ventured to the Island of Dr. Slashblight they brought back some flora from the islands. These plants are much younger than the ones found on the island and as such have not yet have as much time to grow their roots deep, so they are currently unable to swallow their victims whole.