Ashenmark is a developing nation with several different settlements, a few fortifications and a small city.


Goldenhall was founded after the Bedlam Wars. It now serves as the capital of Ashenmark and holds it’s largest military garrison. Outsiders are rarely allowed within the city limits.


Turnstone was the first settlement established after Ashenmark was gifted the lands of Elemirre. The town was named for Osric Turnstone, first champion of Ashenmark. The town was taken and held for a short period of time by a group calling themselves the Red Tide. They took the town using animated dead from Ashenmarks own graveyards throughout the land. The town was retaken shortly after by a small elite group of adventurers led by Lord Temorse. Notable heroes of that battle the late Sir Rohde of Grimloch who held the numerous enemy at bay single handedly for two hours and Dame Phoenix of Folkestone for her quick thinking and powerful magic that made the undertaking possible that day. After Harts Hollow was sacked during the Bedlam Wars Turnstone served as a base of operations until the Siege of Dark Hart and the end of the Bedlam Wars. Now the town serves its original purpose as a hub for mining and lumber. It’s proximity to the old Emberwastes and ruins often attracts travelers and adventure seekers.

Harts Hollow

Harts Hollow for many years was the largest settlement in Elemirre and was so for the early years of Ashenmark. However during the Bedlam Wars, Harts Hollow was sacked by the bois bearing Lord Temorse’ visage. Once it was sacked the remaining populace, including many refugees from Grimloch were put to the sword.

Harts Hollow was retaken by heroes of the Realms towards the end of the Bedlam Wars. Using Justari relics gifted to the heroes by Lord Aeston Stromgate of neighboring Rhiassa the army sundered the darkness of Bedlam, enabling a march to the town where the relic was used to empower the heroes to draw out Bedlam and defeat it, banishing all darkness and the Temorse-bois from the area. This battle is known as the Siege of Dark Hart, notable warriors of the battle were Squire Balthazar of Eagles Rook, who used the Seal of Justari to facilitate the cleansing of Bedlam as well as Gryffon Darkwillow of Kalithnos, Kahlenar Swingline and Killian Battlefate of Ashenmark for driving Temorse-bois from the battle.

Harts Hollow was rebuilt as a cultural and religious center of Ashenmark after the Bedlam War was won. It contains temples to Gaia and Garm, the two major gods of Ashenmark, as well as a temple to Justari, in remembrance for the just gods aide on the field during the Siege of Dark Hart. There are rumors that a hellgate may exist beneath the temple to Garm.

Battlefate Keep

Battlefate Keeps construction was started shortly before the Bedlam Wars. However due to the sudden nature of Bedlams spread the partially built keep was overrun and many of those who had made their home their, carpenters, stonemasons, guards, and their families were killed. However a small group of them were able to hold out in the innermost part of the keep. Their were held there under siege for three weeks until Killian Battlefate lead a small elite force along with Kaelkatar Anderlys, Stripes Lightstride, Raynor Skyline, Caleal Deiard, Umbra Lucis, Keela Loveguard, and Dagan Stormrider to break the siege and rescue the remaining civilians from Bedlams dark grasp.

The keep was named in Killians honor both for his courageous acts that day as well as becoming the second champion of Ashenmark. The keep serves as a major military garrison and military academy.


Westwatch is a small fortress built into the side of a mountain on the western border of Ashenmark. The fortress is made up of several small stone castles built into the mountainside, connected by a vast network of tunnels within the mountain. The garrison is well manned even though rarely any activity is seen due to the fact that Westwatch is all that stands between Ashenmarks border and the fertile farmlands that cover the Amber Stretch.


The ruins of an ancient aspis city lay to the east of Turnstone, hidden away in the forest. These ruins were rife with ancient golems the aspis used to guard their city. Heroes of the Realms entered the ruins clearing out many of the remaining golems and bandits who made thier home there. Since then Ashenmark has cleared out the remainder of the ruins and repurposed them. The ruins, now known as Stoneheart serve as a prison for many of the Red Tide who were taken prisoner during their invasion, among other criminals apprehended in the land. There is also a small research center deep beneath the ruins in the aspis' old Arcanum where the brightest minds of Ashenmark work tirelessly to research the technique for making golems used there so many years ago.

The Amber Stretch

The Amber Stretch is the vast area of farmland between Westwatch and Highmarket. This is Ashenmarks main source of foodstuffs.


When Yarra Draug was annexed by Ashenmark in 1014 the abandoned lakeside town of Haven was rebuilt as the sprawling town of Highmarket. Lord Temorse used some borrowed knowledge from his time as Lord of Nadina in laketown to have a Seagate constructed, allowing for additional trade with merchant ships on the eastern sea. Nearly all the commodities from Turnstone, Elemirre Isle and the Amber Stretch are sold in the vast market of the town.

The Seagate

The Seagate was constructed to ease and increase the availabilty of trade. One side of the gate was created in the lake near Highmarket while the other in the harbor of Farport. The gate allows ships to sail freely through it in order to deliver goods to Highmarket.

Elemirre Isle

Elemirre Isle was a small deserted island south of Teng Hua that was magically terraformed to have a similar geography as Elemirre did. The isle has a wide array of wildlife, which is all protected, as hunting on the isle is illegal. Most supplies for Elemirre Isle are transported from the mainland via the Seagate. Farport is the only true settlement on the isle, however there are a few small fishing villages around the bay.


Farport is mainly a military garrison that houses the vast fleet of the Ashenmark navy. Commander Kahlenar Swingling oversees the seaside outpost and it charged with the protection of Elemirre Isle and the Seagate.